Tris di Api BIO
Tris di Api BIO

Tris di Api BIO

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Tris di Api BIO The Tris di Api BIO is composed of all the products of Organic and Bee-Friendly beekeeping of Fattoria Triboli.

• Organic Acacia Honey 300 gr with a sweet taste with floral notes and a soft and delicate taste

• Organic Chestnut Honey 300 gr with a bitter taste with pungent notes and an intense and decisive taste

• Organic Flower Pollen 120 gr with an intense taste and a persistent floral scent. It has remarkable antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system and stimulates metabolism


The Tris di Api BIO contains honey and pollen from Fattoria Triboli obtained following Bee-Friendly organic and beekeeping practices. These methods focus on saving the environment and protecting biodiversity.We use Kenya top bar natural comb hives that foster natural hive regeneration. We do not use chemicals to combat the parasites that can weaken the hives. All the hives are located in uncontaminated areas full of spontaneous flora and no trace of harmful substances from intensive agriculture and husbandry. Honey and Pollen are rich in polyphenols, vitamins, and proteins. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and nutrients make it beneficial for our health.

The jars we use for our honey and pollen  are made with 75% recycled glass. The labels are made using Grass Paper, which is environmentally friendly and totally compostable.

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