Duetto Box
Duetto Box
Duetto Box

Duetto Box

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From our organic vegetable garden and olive groves, the ideal combination for a dressing of exquisite simplicity: 100% Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and Passarola tomato sauce. A nourishing and genuine duo that brings the flavours and aromas of our land to your table.


What you will find

Organic extra virgin olive oil - 250 ml - harvest 2023 - in stainless steel bottle.
Blend cold extracted and filtered from our native Tuscan cultivars.
Green, fruity, with fresh vegetable scents of freshly cut grass, almond and artichoke, with a pleasantly bitter taste balanced by spicy notes. To enhance your dishes and nourish your well-being.

Passarola BIO - 320 g
The authentic taste of tomato in a ready-made sauce. All the freshness and fragrance of ripe, juicy tomatoes from our organic garden, picked and processed the same day to give you maximum flavour and nutritional benefits.

The Deguboxes of Fattoria Triboli
Tasting boxes with a selection of certified organic products* from our farm. Raw materials from regenerative organic farming, artisan processing, seasonality and a lot of care. To offer you all the taste and nutritional properties of genuine organic products. And to bring the essence and biodiversity of our land to your table. From the outer packaging to the products inside, each box is made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials and enriched with a silver-printed blue ribbon. An exquisite and sustainable gift, perfect for any occasion, to give taste and well-being to your family, friends and clients.

*Organic certification IT-BIO009 Agricoltura Italia.

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